At the age of seven, she decided she wanted to become a doctor, but it wasn’t until years later when she was in Pennsylvania for additional training when she found her true passion, the reason why her heart beats a little faster, her life’s mission, the practice of intervention cardiology. After earning her medical degree, Dr. Aubanel later attended Miami University and prepared to pass her medical licensing.

“It was like going to medical school all over again,” she says. She did her residency in internal medicine at Boston University and was trained in intervention cardiology at Harvard’s Mass General Hospital. A few years later, she returned to the West Coast as a doctor at the internationally renowned Scripps Clinic & Research Foundation in La Jolla, California, where she served as a Fellow for Dr. Richard Schatz.

Her time spent in training with Dr. Schatz was transcendental to her life and to her future patients, it would revolutionize the way cardiologists would practice medicine in Mexico. Due to the fact she was among the first doctors in the world, and the only non-U.S. doctor, to be trained in the stent.

She has worked with many high profile individuals, but perhaps her most well known patient was Mother Teresa of Calcutta, catholic nun with a mission to help the impoverished.


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