On a Wednesday a gentleman with other members of his family arrived to the restaurant of the Centro Social Israelita. He seemed to be a religiour man. He had come to Tijuana because one of the members of his family was in need of the Alternative Medicine that can be provided in Tijuana.

As mentioned previously, on Wednesdays, alternatively, we have live music by a marimba player or a piano player, both professionals. It includes Mexican and American popular music in contrast with the Jewish ambience of the room.

On chatting with this gentleman, he informed us that he was the owner of the largest Jewish funeral parlor in Brooklyn, New York.

The man and his family sat down at the table to pertake of the food with the variety of salads offered and the rest of the food served. His wife was sitting by his side and the rest of his family around him. A board member asked the wife if she would be interested in looking at the new Mikveh being built. She answered that she would be happy to do so and was shown the Mikveh.

Later, the same gentleman, in chatting with some of the board members of the Centro, asked if we would be interested in meeting two specialists in building Mikvaot whom he knew in New York and informed us that they have built Mikvaot all over the world.

He also surprised us, by offering to pay for their trip and stay if they came over to Tijuana.

Of course, the answer was affirmative.

No more was said and the man and his family left the premises.

This was an unexpected and welcome gift..


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