Shaare Zedek is excited to share that a new Imaging Institute was inaugurated right near our ER in the presence of Deputy Minister of Health, Rabbi Yaakov Litzman; Mayor of the City of Jerusalem, Mr. Moshe Lion; the Director General of Shaare Zedek, Prof. Ofer Marin; Head of our Imaging Department, Dr. Ofer Benyaminov; General Manager and CEO of Philips Electronics Israel, Mr. Aviram (Avi) Suchard and the Chief Executive Officer at Medtechnica Lt., Mr. Boaz Yehezkel.

The opening of the Imaging Institute right near Shaare Zedek’s Weinstock Family Emergency Medicine Department (ER) is intended to reduce the time for diagnosing and treating some patients of the patients who come to our ER and will improve the communication between the members of the staff of the ER and of the Imaging Institute.

Prof. Merin shared, “The emergency room is the first and central place where patients are admitted into the hospital and diagnosed. Situating the new imaging center adjacent to the emergency room, along with our plans to expand the emergency room, will reduce the overcrowding in our ER and enable us to provide a quick and professional response to our patients. Shaare Zedek patients receive the most advanced medical care from the best physicians, nurses and staff using cutting edge devices and technologies. I thank the Deputy Minister, the Mayor of the City of Jerusalem, the donors and everyone working with us to strengthen and develop Shaare Zedek Medical Center into one of the leading medical centers in Israel.”