Recognising the remarkable achievements of people living with Asperger’s

Today, Thursday February 18, 2021, is International Asperger’s Day – a day to recognise the remarkable individuals across the world, overcoming challenges and achieving great things, living with Asperger’s Syndrome each and every day.

This day is important to Job Centre Australia, because it educates and raises awareness on this often-misunderstood condition, and highlights the unique individual abilities of people living with Asperger’s.

Job Centre Australia is fortunate to work with many amazing Australians who live with Asperger’s (also known as Level 1 Autism, falling within the Autism Spectrum and often considered a high functioning form of autism) – connecting them with meaningful career and life skill opportunities, enabling them to contribute to their communities and enjoy fulfilling lives.

Today, we’d like to recognise just one of our many wonderful candidates, Daniel Crowley, who lives with Asperger’s, and continues to kick goals in both his career and personal life.

With Job Centre Australia’s support, 22-year-old Daniel has spent more than two years in his now-permanent role, helping to keep none other than Australia’s Parliament House running smoothly.

As Admin Support for the concierge team, Daniel is involved with keeping events, school visits and tourism functioning – right in the heart of Australia’s Government in Canberra.

Daniel’s achievements have been recognised at the highest levels, when late last year, Daniel met with Prime Minister Scott Morrison who congratulated Daniel on his two year milestone and permanent appointment, while thanking him for all his hard work.

The supports available to Daniel made possible through critical funding through the NDIS and Disability Employment Services (DES), brought together by Job Centre Australia. We’re honoured to work each day towards successful outcomes like Daniel’s, for the benefit of our candidates, their communities and the Australian economy.

See Daniel’s success story here

SOURCEJob Centre Australia


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